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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Story IV

Ok, I am finally back and am truly sorry for the delays. I had Internet problems, computer problems, etc.

Anyway, if this is your first time here, please check the links on this page in the archives and start from the beginning so you understand everything up to date.

Here we go...

Like I said, she made the whole thing up and in the process messed my son up worse than he already was. I was completely pissed off and took out charges against her for defamation of character, filing false reports, child abuse, and everything else that I could think of. Nothing went through and the egg donor got away with it, but at this point I wasn't going to allow my son to be anywhere near her, so I took a job and moved to Michigan from North Carolina the day after my son's birthday in 2004.

Once I settled in and felt comfortable with everything and found a daycare I thought was good for him, I decided to start dating and met another single parent from the daycare. She had two children, a boy the same age as my son, and a daughter two years younger. I was fine with it as I am a single parent as well and who am I to judge. Things went really well in the beginning, until her children's father found out about me being with their mother. He was one of those jealous types that nobody better be with her and around his kids. Funny, as soon as I think my life as a single father is getting on track, I hit another disaster.

He began making threatening calls to me and saying how he was going to kill me, beat the crap out of me, you name it. The final straw was when he called one afternoon and said that he was going to hurt me badly along with my son (not exactly like that, it was stated in expletives). Anyway, that was the last straw for me, so I went down to the police station and took out a protection order against him. I was also informed while at the police station that they knew him well and he wasn't right in the head. Great! Boy do I know how to pick women. Anyway, on the way home from the police station I began to think about everything and realized that I really had began to love the woman I was seeing and he was more than likely all mouth. I drove to her house to tell her what I had done and after leaving I had driven about two miles and noticed he was behind me. He rode my bumper for about two miles more until I did a U-turn and headed for the police station. I never made it. He pulled up beside me and ran me off the road with my son in the back seat!

Guess what. I went to the police and they brought him in. He said it wasn't him and had an alibi for where he was and subsequently nothing happened to him. What a crock of you know what!

It didn't stop with him, but nothing like that ever again. He would just harass me by doing things like following me around, sitting in his car up the street from my house. Nothing I could do anything about because everywhere he was, it was a public place and he had every right to be there. However, things really got interesting when my son's mother found out through the court system where my son was going to daycare. To this day I really don't know how she found out, but she says the courts told her. Anyway, more living hell was on its way.

Until next time readers....